Exam Time!

Best of luck to all of the Junior and Leaving Certificate students who started their exam’s today! it will be worth it in the end!

Don’t forget to check out the downloads / Links sections of the website for examination material.

Exam’s are just around the corner!

Teachers and Students.

The Junior Certificate Examinations are just around the corner. The MTW examination is on Monday June the 17th at 2pm. It is important to be actively revising over past papers well in advance of the exam.

Past papers and solutions’ are available from www.examinations.ie (Links Tab) There are also some past papers available for download in the downloads tab at the top.

This is a link to the examination time table. http://www.examinations.ie/exam/2013_JC_Written_EV.pdf

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Thank You to all of the people who have followed MTWprocessing on Facebook and Twitter over the past few days. This site is a ‘Work in progress’ and will be updated with even more new material shortly!



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